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Brisket Cook-Off at The Leaky Barrel

It's time to see who has the best brisket in all of San Antonio! Cash prizes of up to $150 will be awarded for 1st Place and People's Choice winners!! 

Brisket Cook-Off Rules:
Contestants remember this is an amateur brisket cook-off. NOTHING will be cooked on site. Meat should be cooked at home, and brought to Leaky Barrel for presentation. Please bring at least 5lbs. of brisket for judging purposes and Spectator sampling.

Registration deadline is October 2nd. The fee is $15 you can register at The Leaky Barrel between 3pm and 2am

1. Each contestant will receive a two-part ticket, along with their box. One half will be taped to the lid, and the other half will be loose in the box. Do NOT remove the ticket from the lid. Take the loose ticket and keep it with you so you will know if your number is called as a winner.

2. Each contestant must turn in 3 slices of brisket in their judging container. Containers should not be marked or decorated in any way.

3. Briskets will be judged without sauce. You may apply sauce yourself during the cooking process at home, and may bring your sauce for serving later. 

Briskets will be judged on taste, texture and appearance.

4. All entries must be turned in to the judges’ table by 6:00 pm. 

Thank you and good luck!